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July 02, 2015

No Panacea for Puerto Rico

Holders of Puerto Rican bonds could eventually be forced to accept deferred payments and debt restructuring, but the situation could take years to resolve.

Capturing headlines and calling attention to Puerto Rico’s serious debt woes, Governor Alejandro GarcĂ­a Padilla stated on 28 June that the commonwealth’s $72 billion in outstanding debt obligations is not payable.

This Week in Review: Greek Standoff Leaves Markets Unsettled

For the week ended 2 July 2015

  • Greece to hold bailout referendum Sunday
  • US jobless rate falls to 5.3%, labor force shrinks
  • US pending home sales at 9-year high
  • US consumer confidence soars
  • UK grows faster than expected

Greece's uncertain status continued to weigh on global financial markets this week as the country edged closer to debt default and a possible eurozone exit. Much rests on the results of a public referendum on Sunday. Greek banks were closed for the week, and citizens were limited to €60 daily withdrawals.

June 29, 2015

Greece: Running Out of Time and Money

  • A Greek default could put pressure on the credit ratings of the eurozone's weaker members.
  • Although European authorities have taken steps to limit contagion risk, political uncertainty may be heightened for countries in the periphery.
  • European banks with direct exposure to Greece may have to take asset write-downs and hits to their balance sheets in the event of a default.

June 22, 2015

Factor Investing and Smart Beta

by Christopher Callahan, Senior Managing Director

As I write this, it is Father's Day, and that, combined with my 20+ years in the industry, makes me reflect paternally on how we as fiduciaries in the institutional investment industry are doing in meeting our investors' needs. Some of the evidence will show that, in fact, we are not doing a good job of delivering on our clients' objectives. This brief video highlights a few simple ways we can modify and improve various elements of the investment value chain, including better understanding and managing the role that factors/smart beta play in our portfolios.
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June 12, 2015

Sourcing Active Returns in Today's Market

With upward trending markets lulling investors into complacency, Robert Almeida, MFS Institutional Portfolio Manager shared his thoughts on tapping market strengths and weathering the downside, during Wednesday's 401Konvergence Summit in Boston.

The market's short-term focus, potential volatility and growing complexity are driving the need for more active management skill – to help investors navigate these challenges effectively.
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